Modernizing the Approach

Modernizing the Approach
Tom Laymon

A new approach to experience that drives sustainable results, requires an alignment of teams, process, and platform.

Making experience a core competency for all has never been more important. Providing the tools and insights to empower the team and drive real change for the patient so that together, the experience of the team and patient define the culture that a healthcare organization is creating (and swimming in every day).

That culture is being commented internally by teams' actions as well as via social platforms. Ultimately, that culture is the outward reputation of the company.

77% of prospective patients look on Google prior to picking a doctor.  80% of prospective teammates look on Glass Door or Indeed prior to applying for their next career move.

So, an intentional focus on how both groups are experiencing the organization and how the reputation is being managed is essential to both attracting the best teammates and growing through new patients that ultimately drives sustainable growth for the organization.

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