We help organizations drive results through the power of feedback.

Engaging and empowering teams to create an excellent customer experience through the power of feedback.
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Experience Drives Growth

With a fresh approach, we’ll look at how feedback has the power to bring teams and patients together to help create excellent experiences that drive sustainable growth.


of prospective patients look on Google prior to picking a doctor. (Source: Beckers Hospital Review, 2020)


of job seekers say they are likely to use social media in their job search and this increases to 86% for younger job seekers. (Source: The Open University, 2019)
Tx (Team Experience) + Px (Patient Experience) + Cx (Customer Experience) = Gx (Growth Experience)

Set-up & Approach

Establish survey strategies, identifying benchmarking sources, mapping of data elements, and more.

Communication Strategies

Establish cadence and content for C Suite to frontline senior leadership and physician engagement strategies.

Leadership Strategies

Establish experience as a core competency of operations via workflow, goals, and communication.

Tools & Technology

Tools that address the complexity of healthcare with actionable information that can be reported on and viewed at all levels of the organization.

"Tom has the unique ability to guide healthcare providers and teams to see feedback as an opportunity rather than a criticism. Often showing that consumer/patient feedback is aligned with the goals of the healthcare team, he helps organizations make the changes that both they and the patients deserve."
Charles J Atkinson, MD
Principal, One Health Physicians
"Tom Laymon’s leadership in bringing a new platform for listening to our patients has been nothing less than transformative for us as an organization. Gaining new access to real-time feedback has led to rapidly changing our processes and adapting our practices, enabling us to better meet our patients 'where they are'."
Geoffrey A. Rose, MD
President, Sanger Heart & Vascular Institute

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