Engaging the Team

Engaging the Team
Tom Laymon

We operate from the position that teams want to provide great service and that by giving them relevant, positive feedback through the customers voice, they can drive a great patient experience.

When teams get positive feedback from the patients, they are motivated to provide an even greater experience which ultimately raises their calling to care at an even greater level. When patients experience someone knowing them and caring about them, they have greater hope that medically they are receiving the best care.  And together when a provider or team provides hope, it improves outcomes.

Often, feedback has been seen as criticism when provided without context (time, who, about what), but when provided in real time (and in context) it can be considered an insight on how to be even better.

Especially when provided with positive feedback that is timely and relevant. Feedback can be used to improve processes or behaviors that without it, the provider and team are potentially blind to. Teams can’t improve what they don’t see. Feedback can help teams see things that they naturally would want to improve.

Ultimately, feedback is a gift and if done well will be received that way.

Training and coaching guides that are embedded as part of the feedback are essential to helping teams progress, but once teams understand how to improve and are empowered (and expected to) make necessary changes to meet the patients needs and wants, there is exponential growth in the natural improvement in results.

A highly engaged team will be constantly improving because they are empowered to make changes that make a difference for the team while improving the patient’s experience and will evolve to be a level 4 tribe that says internally and socially “we are great” which brings more people who are interested in being part of something greater than themselves and either lifts those who want something better or drives out those who do not want to be great (as a team).

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